Month: December 2017

Importance Of Diet In Oral Health

A plaque which is a thin layer of bacteria causes cavities in your teeth. When this layer is present on your teeth, the bacteria digests thrives on the sugar that is present in your food and damages the enamel. Foods with added sugar when consumed can cause plaque which leads to cavities, so the food with high sugar content should be avoided says experts at Gateshead Dental. Cavities can be prevented, and a good oral health can be maintained by watching the diet and also the quantity your intake, refer this link for more on what to eat,,20687551,00.html#eat-for-a-healthy-smile-0.
As soon as the food enters the mouth, bacteria which is present in the mouth attacks the sugar and converts into acids which weakens the enamel. If you eat often, you are increasing the chances of decay as you are exposing your teeth to more bacterial attacks.

Best food and drinks for a healthy mouth

Always choose food that is good for your health which includes oral health. More often you ignore foods that are beneficial for the teeth and concentrate more on weight issues rather than staying healthy. When it comes to oral health, cheese, yogurt, chicken, nuts, milk, greens and a few fruits like apple, kiwi, etc. are great choices. This food contains a lot of calcium which is needed for healthy enamel. It also provides minerals and other nutrients which is essential for the teeth. If you are intolerant of dairy products, green leafy vegetables are an excellent source of calcium and minerals.
You can also add a lot of fruits like apples, kiwis and pears which have more water content and these foods can help in the production of saliva which can remove the bacteria and clean your teeth. Fruits like lemon, tomatoes, and oranges should be part of your diet as they are acidic and hence can fight the acid produced by the bacteria.

You should consume a lot of water, milk, and tea without sugar. As much as possible avoid sugary drinks like beverages or any sugar drinks that will expose your teeth to sugar and cause decay.

Food not to consume: Sugary food like candy, chocolates, cookies, cake, pastries which are high in sugar content and food like French fries, pizza’s, burgers and other bakery products which are high in carbohydrates can cause tooth decay.

Sugar-free diet: You can look for items which are sugar-free or has substitutes that taste just like sugar. The difference with sugar substitutes is that they are not good for the bacteria and hence will not produce acids that cause tooth decay. Ensure while buying processed food that no sugar in the form of honey, fructose, cane sugar, etc. is added as even that is a form of sugar and can damage your teeth. Buy products that use natural sweeteners and always check the ingredients to know whether they are sugar-free or not. The best sweeteners or sugar substitutes are Sorbitol, isomalt, erythroid and mannitol.
Eat food which contains a lot of nutrients and contain less sugar for a good overall health. Avoid eating many times a day and snack only on healthy foods like nuts or salad.